Quantifiers: all, most, every, and each


1.We use all + noun or all of the + a plural or uncountable noun

all = in general

all (of) the = specific

All animals need food.

All of the animals in the safari are dangerous.

2. We use everybody or everything + singular verb

everybody = all people

everything = all things

Everybody is in the classroom.

Everything in this store is so expensive.

3. We use most to say the majority

most = general

most of = specific

Most Canadians speak English.

Some Canadians Speak English and French

Most of the students in this class are from Brazil.

4. We often use all of or most of + object pronoun

All of us are excited for the trip.

Most of them look sad.

5. Use every + singular countable noun to mean “all of a group”. It emphasizes on the complete group.

Every classroom in this school has a projector.

6. We use each to express the idea of ‘one by one’. It emphasizes individuality.

Each employee has a coffee maker in their offices.

More examples:
Time to practice


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