Fluency is a journey

You don’t need to be a native speaker to communicate fluently.

You just need to learn how to speak clearly and confidently.

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My name is Julieta, I’m a

Certified ESL Teacher

and a passionate believer in English being the global language, which you can use to connect with people from across the globe.

I help my students speak with clarity and confidence

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You have missed great opportunities to advance in you career or studies because you don’t speak English fluently
  • You feel embarrassed or self conscious about how you sound when you speak English
  • You have difficulty understanding other English speakers
  • People have difficulties understanding you and always ask you to repeat yourself
  • You often make grammar or pronunciation mistakes but don’t know where to get personalized and effective feedback
  • You feel that others view you as un-intelligent because you can’t find the right words or expressions to communicate your thoughts, ideas or emotions
  • You want to speak English with confidence and fluency

If any of those are familiar to you, now you know that you need to do something to improve your English

I’m here to help you overcome this challenges so…

  • You can have ample opportunities to advance academically and/ or professionally
  • No longer feel ashamed of the way you sound when you speak English
  • You no longer feel embarrassed when you speak with others
  • You be understood and have meaningful conversations with your colleagues and friends
  • You feel confident and proud when you speak
  • You improve your English proficiency and fluency

Here is how I can help

My English Journey

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Essential vocabulary for online meetings

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Teacher Julieta

I have been training international professionals to speak English clearly since 2017.

I love English as much as I love science. I’m a scientist by training and a teacher by heart and lots of training too!

I’m a non-native English speaker who learned how to communicate in English fluently thanks to the guidance of qualified and caring English teachers. I know what it is to learn a second language, I understand most of the challenges that my students face when trying to learn a foreign language.

Here are some of my qualifications and experiences in training international professionals

Ontario Certified English Language Teacher

Food Scientist & Biochemical Engineer with 10 years of experience in Research and Mentoring

TESL Methodology Instructor

Qualified English/Spanish Community Translator (medical & social)

Occupation Specific Language Instructor

Pronunciation Coach


Are you ready to boost your fluency?

I offer private and group General English online courses for intermediate and advanced students who want to improve their fluency and pronunciation.

I also offer specialized private lessons and courses for immigration, professional, and academic purposes.

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