6 thoughts on “Sense verbs

  1. In my country ,there is a typical dish called Ant Climbing the tree .
    Its color is brown and it tastes very delicious.It is principally made of vermicelli and minced pork.
    Why is it called Ant Climbing the tree? Because the minced pork sticks to the vermicelli, It looks like an ant climbing a tree.

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  2. One of the most famous and delicious dishes of Peruvian cuisine is Ceviche. Which is based on fresh fish and Lemon or lime (it has to be green). The fish is cut into small cubes and salt is added, then a lemon juice is prepared with a little cilantro, ginger, optional garlic and a little aji Limo (special from Peru) This juice is added to the fish and it is this juice that will cook the fish. It is served with sweet potato, lettuce, a little sliced onion. It is a dish that looks fresh, smells of the sea, due to the freshness of the fish. The taste is sour, but delicious.

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  3. In my country, one of special dishes is stinky tofu. Only a few of people love it, because it smell strong and stinky. It have two cooking methods which are frying and steaming. The frying one looks like something with crispy outside and golden skin. It smell a little stinky and It tastes soft inside. It looks like frying tofus and it is better for beginner trying. You can taste with soy sauce. It tastes salty and delicious.
    The steaming one is more stinkier than frying one. It look like normal tofus and it taste soft and juicy, but the stinky flavor is stronger.
    For my opinion, I love both of them.

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