Articles (Part 1)


Articles are tiny words that go before nouns. There are 3 common articles in English: a, an and the.

A and an are indefinite articles. It means that we use them to talk about things in general = one of many.

The is a definite article. It means that we use it to talk about specific things = only one.

Basic rules:

  1. We use a/ an to mention a noun for the first time or say who or what somebody or something is.
  2. We use a/an when the reader/ listener has not seen the person, animal or thing we are talking about.
  3. We use the when it’s clear who or what somebody or something is.
  4. We use the to talk about things or places that are unique.
  5. Don’t use an article to speak in general with plural and uncountable nouns.
  6. We don’t use an article in some phrases like at home, at work, go home, go to work, go to bed, next …, last …, etc.

Watch the following video for more examples


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