Comment Adverbs

Adverbs are a type of word that provide more information about verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs in a sentence. They describe how an action is done, when it happens, where it takes place, or to what extent.

This lesson will focus on a specific group of adverbs called “comment adverbs.” These adverbs express the speaker’s attitude, opinion, or comment about the action or situation. They add more depth and emotion to a statement. Let’s explore some common comment adverbs:

Comment AdverbMeaningExample
ActuallyEmphasizes truth or reality“I thought it was expensive, but actually, it’s quite affordable.”
AmazinglyExpresses surprise or astonishment“She sang amazingly well and impressed everyone.”
ApparentlyBased on available evidence, seemingly true“Apparently, he won the lottery, but I’m not sure.”
BasicallySimplifying or summarizing“Basically, it means we have to start over.”
ClearlyIndicates something is evident or understood“He explained the rules clearly, so we understood.”
GenerallyBroadly or typically“Generally, people enjoy going to the beach in summer.”
HopefullyExpresses positive expectation or desire“Hopefully, we’ll have a successful event tomorrow.”
LuckilySomething positive happened by chance“I forgot my keys, but luckily, I found a spare set.”
PersonallyIndicates a personal opinion or experience“Personally, I think it’s the best movie I’ve seen.”
ObviouslySomething is easily understood or apparent“He didn’t study, so obviously, he failed the test.”
SadlyExpresses sorrow or regret“Sadly, she couldn’t attend the party due to illness.”
SurprisinglyHighlights something unexpected“Surprisingly, the cake tasted better than it looked.”
UnfortunatelySomething undesirable or negative“Unfortunately, the concert was cancelled due to rain.”

Grammar practice 1

Grammar practice 2

Speaking Practice

  1. Get into pairs or small groups.
  2. Take turns being the speaker and the listener.
  3. Spin the wheel to see a question.
  4. Start speaking about the topic on the wheel.
  5. Try to use a comment adverb every time you share your opinion.

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