Don’t Make These Writing Mistakes – Tips for English Learners

As a high-intermediate English learner, you’ve likely already gained a lot of proficiency in the language. However, there are still some common writing mistakes that can prevent you from reaching your full potential. Here are five of the most common writing mistakes made by high-intermediate English learners, along with some tips on how to avoid them.

1. Using the wrong verb tense

One of the most common mistakes that English learners make is using the wrong verb tense. This can happen for a number of reasons, including confusion about the rules for each tense, or simply not having enough practice using them. To avoid this mistake, take the time to review the different verb tenses and their uses, and try to practice using them in context as much as possible.


Wrong: Last night, I see a movie with my friends.

Correct: Last night, I saw a movie with my friends.

In this example, the incorrect verb tense is “see”. The past tense of “see” is “saw”. To correct the sentence, we need to use the past tense of the verb “see”, which is “saw”. So the correct sentence is “Last night, I saw a movie with my friends”.

Remember, in English, the verb tense must match the time period you are describing. By paying attention to the verb tense you are using, you can avoid common errors and communicate more effectively in English.

Review and practice verb tenses 👇

2. Misusing articles

Another common mistake made by English learners is misusing articles (i.e. “a”, “an”, and “the”). This can happen when learners are unsure about whether to use a definite or indefinite article or when they simply forget to include an article altogether. To avoid this mistake, try to pay close attention to the way that articles are used in English, and practice using them in your writing.

Learn more about articles 👇

3. Failing to use subject-verb agreement

Subject-verb agreement is another important aspect of English grammar that many learners struggle with. This mistake can occur when learners don’t understand the rules for matching the subject and verb in a sentence, or when they don’t pay enough attention to the subject-verb agreement when writing. To avoid this mistake, practice using subject-verb agreement in your writing and seek feedback from your English teacher or language tutors.

Learn more about subject – verb agreement 👇

4. Poor sentence structure

This can include writing super long and confusing sentences, incomplete sentences, and incorrect use of punctuation. To avoid these mistakes, focus on writing clear, concise sentences and review punctuation rules regularly.

One of the best ways to improve sentence structure is to read extensively in English. This will expose you to a wide variety of sentence structures, and help you develop a better sense of how sentences are constructed.

If you struggle with long and complicated sentences, try breaking them down into shorter sentences. This will make your writing easier to read and understand.

Learn more about sentence structure 👇

5. Lack of coherence

Coherence refers to the logical flow of ideas in a piece of writing. High-intermediate English learners often struggle with this, as they may have difficulty connecting ideas or organizing their thoughts. To improve coherence, make an outline before you start writing, and use transitions and linking words to connect your ideas.

Learn more about coherence 👇

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You can avoid common writing mistakes by reviewing grammar rules, paying attention to word choice, practising spelling, focusing on sentence structure, and improving coherence.

By addressing these areas, you can improve your writing skills and communicate more effectively in English.


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