Subject questions

What is a subject question? (This is a subject question by the way)

A subject question is a question that asks about the subject of the sentence. The subject of the sentence is usually a person, a thing, or an idea that performs the action described in the sentence.

Subject questions don’t include an auxiliary verb (do, does, did) because the question word (who?, what?, which?, how many?, etc.) is the subject of the verb in question.

Grammar pattern

“Wh- + verb (+…)?”


  1. Who ate the pizza? Answer: I
  2. What caused the accident? Answer: The traffic
  3. Which book is that? Answer: “Harry Potter”
  4. Who is playing the piano? Answer: Maria
  5. Who likes the new teacher? Answer: All the students
  6. Who won the game? Answer: We
  7. What makes you happy? Answer: Traveling
  8. Who cleaned the kitchen? Answer: My husband
  9. Who is going to the party? Answer: Nobody
  10. Who broke the window? Answer: The cat

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Change the sentence into a subject question

Discuss the question with your group. Give as many details as possible


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