Tag questions

Tag questions are indirect questions that we often use to check something that we think is true.


Tag question: Your name is Mike, isn’t it?

Direct question: Is your name Mike?

How to form a tag question
  1. Add a comma (,) after the information you want to confirm or make emphasis
  2. Use the correct auxiliary verb or modal verb.

Auxiliary verbsPositiveNegative
beam, is, are
was, were
am not, isn’t, aren’t
wasn’t, weren’t
dodo, does
don’t, doesn’t
havehave, has
haven’t, hasn’t

Common modal verbs used in tag questions


Note: Use a negative auxiliary/modal verb if the sentence is affirmative and an affirmative auxiliary/ modal verb if the sentence is negative.

3. Add a pronoun

Examples: you, he, she, it, we, they

4. Add a question mark (?)


Grammar Practice

Match the phrases

Speaking Practice

Student A: Complete with a tag question.

Student A: Ask the questions to your partner. Ask follow-up questions to have more fun.

Student B: Answer the question. Give as many details as you can to have an interesting conversation.

Switch roles

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