The Tongue Twister Challenge (Intensity level 2)

Workout for your English muscles

A great way to improve your pronunciation and fluency is by saying tongue twisters as fast as you can. Tongue twisters are great to exercise your English muscles. Are you ready to complete this fun challenge?

Have you completed the Tongue Twister Intensity level 1? If not, click the button below.

If you are an intermediate/ pre-advanced student, you can use Intensity Level 1 as your warm up.

Let’s warm up

Say each of the following tongue twisters five times as fast as you can. If you are not sure about the correct pronunciation you can play the audio first and repeat after me. Then you can say the tongue twister slowly and when you feel confident about your pronunciation you increase the speed.

  1. Six sticky skeletons

2. Flash message

3. Black back bat

Let’s increase the intensity

Say each of the following tongue twisters five times as fast as you can

4. Eleven benevolent elephants

5. Good blood, bad blood 

6. Truly rural

7. Red lorry, yellow lorry

8. A big black bug snoozed on a big black rug

DOWNLOAD the worksheet with audio to practice anytime, anywhere.

Try out this tongue twisters and let me know how it went. Which was the most difficult one? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Happy practice!


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