Student Opinion


Hi there!

If you are or have been my student, I’d really like to hear your opinion about this blog and your learning process in my classes.

✨ Please answer the following question in the Reply section:

What is your opinion about your classes with Teacher Julieta and the materials that she shares in this blog?


16 thoughts on “Student Opinion

  1. Hello Teacher,

    My opinion about the class is very good for 4 reasons. First, I love the plays you made for the student. Second, You give the English secrets. my third reason is the class have all topic we need to learn English (vocabulary, grammar, reading, pronunciation and speaking) and finally, I think you give all research for that we can study better. This is my second time in ILAC and I have enjoined it a lot the class and I like the “folder class”. Only I want to say, would you leave the past week in the folder class for more time? I remember one day you told us you delate the pass and you will put in the new past week.

    and finally, only say thank you, teacher, for helping me to improve my English and to be part of my current process in my life.

    Have a good weekend

    Karla Gahona

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    1. Hi Teacher !!
      Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I like very much the games and the grammar exercises. Now we have many vocabulary and topics to practice and improve our English and I think your are a good teacher.

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  2. Hi teacher!!
    In my opinion you are the best teacher that I had, because you always make your students love and undestand English more easy.
    I love your folders, they are a great work tool.

    Leticia Vélez.

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  3. I like a lot the class folder because I can review the information of class. I like a lot the music before the class and in the break time. It’s relaxing. I really enjoy your class.

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  4. Hello teacher Julieta!

    My opinion about the class, I like the class with you because of the methodology in all classes we can learn about grammar, writing, speaking, and comprehension in one way pleasant and I enjoy plays too.

    In addition, the blog (bublup) has many interesting topics that complement English language learning is a good option because is enjoyable.

    Thank you teacher for all.

    Angela Q

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  5. I like a lot the class folder because I have information about the class. I like a lot the music before the class start and inthe break time. It’s relaxing. I really enjoy your class.

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