6 thoughts on “How to reply to an informal email

  1. Hi Rafael,

    It was great to receive your email.

    How is it going in Sidney? Did you get the job at the company of your dreams? Sorry for not remembering its name. However, I remember that you were very nervous about the interview two years ago when you sent me your last email, is that right? I hope you’re working and you’re well.

    I’m very tired but I’m ok! I’m studying English five days a week for about six hours every day! I’m planning to apply to a college in Canada. I want to get a post-graduate diploma in Business next year. I’ve chosen Canada because my daughter wants to study and live there. Also, my nieces live there. Do you remember them? They were children when you met them.

    I’d be really happy if we could meet on your next vacation! Are you planning to visit your family here in Brazil?
    Please, let me know your plans, okay? I look forward to meeting you soon.

    Well, that’s all for now.

    Please give my love to Susie.

    Take care,



  2. To: Alex (alex2020@gmail.com)

    Subject: Great News

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your email and sorry for not writing earlier. I hope you are well.

    How is your family?. Your children must be really big now!

    I’m happy to hear about your new job. You are very good at informatic and this work will be perfect for you. Tell me, when will you start?

    I can tell you that my family is very well. My children are now at school and Oscar works hard so we can go to Canada next year. In my case, I started with English classes two months ago. Speaking English is difficult for me yet but I try to do better every day.

    We are planning to go to the USA next month. I hope we can see you in California. We could go to UNIVERSAL Studios with the children and then have dinner at the Hard Rock like the old times.

    Well, that’s all for now. Give my regards to Marlenne.

    Take care and see you soon.



  3. Hi dear Grace,

    It was great to hear from you. I was with your mother last month at church and I told her that my father and my aunt died last year. It was a very difficult year for us. I was pregnant again and lost the baby. At the end of the year, I separated from my husband. But this is the best news. I´m fine and happy now. I got married again.

    Now Leo has been living in Montreal/Canada since last December 2 because he is doing a graduate degree there, but Sophia is here with us. My mom and I were very sad about daddy´s early death. To make things worse Sophia was also very bad with her grandfather´s death, you know how attached Sophia and her grandparents were because my parents always lived with us. Now we are going to therapy and everything is OK.

    You need to know my new husband. You will love him. And the great and best news is that we´ll see you soon. We’re planning to live in Toronto next year. I´ll do a College in health services administration and for it nowadays I´m doing an on-line English course. In fact, I started last week and I love it.

    Now tell me a little about you. How are Lis and Levi? Now Sophia plays a lot with them, doesn’t she?. Your mother told me that you have a little baby boy. So cute. I miss you so much. But now we´ll finally see each other frequently. California is closer to Toronto than Brazil. And maybe we can think about make Sophia´s birthday at Disney!! We can stay in your home, can’t we?

    I really hope to hear more from you soon.
    Take care,

    With love,

    P.S: Mommy sends you a big hug and says that she misses you.



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