Assertive Communication for English Learners

Finally!!!!! Ousman’s book is available in English “North to paradise” .

I recently heard about @ousmanumar immigration story. I heard his story on Aprendemos Juntos BBVA . He said something that resonates with me “Si dos personas quieren se entienden”. That means that when two people really want to communicate, it doesn’t matter what mother tongue they speak. His story is a testimony of assertive communication. In the midst of hopelessness he spoke up with his heart and an angel listened to him with her heart.

Ousman immigrated from Ghana to Spain when he was 17. At that time he didn’t speak Spanish nor CatalΓ‘n. His trip to Spain was like a hell. He didn’t have any family in Spain. One day, he met Montse in a park in Barcelona. She didn’t speak English. Even though none of them spoke each others languages, they were able to communicate. Montse became his foster mother. To make a long story short, Ousman became an entrepreneur and writer.

Communication is a two way process. If the other person doesn’t want to listen to you, he/she will make excuses not to understand you.

If some people don’t understand you, perhaps they are the ones who have communication issues.

If after making a big effort, still you don’t understand some people… Perhaps they don’t want to be understood.

Have you ever been able to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language? How was that experience?

P.S. You are enough! and your accent is cool πŸ˜‰

Speak to me with your heart because I will be listening with my heart

Teacher Julieta

Wanna know more about Ousman’s story? Watch the following video


Wanna sound like a native?

My apologies

There are several questions that come to my mind every time that I see ads, videos, and comments that promote nativespeakerism. I’m an advocate of critical thinking and I’m against nativespekerim and any form of discrimination.

Today I’ll start a thread of thought provoking posts with a public apology.

My dear English students,

I would encourage you to start questioning the ads of teachers and influencers who make you feel inferior, broken, unworthy, incapable and unintelligent just because of your English level or your accent.

You are capable of achieving great things. Don’t let anyone decide what you should say and how you should sound.

If I ever made you feel like that, I want to take this moment to apologize. If you have ever been humiliated or mistreated by an English or any other language teacher, I just want to say: ‘Forgive us. I’m deeply sorry for the pain you had to endure’

Don’t let anyone stop you becoming the best version of yourself.

I hope you achieve all your goals. I encourage you to speak like you and let others hear your voice.

With much love,


P.S. You are worthy.

Do you think that speaking like a native is better than speaking normal English?/ Why? Why not?