been to vs. gone to


Let’s talk about verb be and verb go

You already know that:

Base formsimple pastpast participle
bewas/ werebeen

Now, let’s say that you want to talk about your trips. If you want to talk about your trips and the places that you have visited in the past you can’t use verb go in the present perfect form.

simple present1. I usually go to Paris in the summer. ✔️
simple past2. I went to Paris last year. ✔️
present perfect3. I have gone to Paris many times. ❌
I have been to Paris many times ✔️



been tocompleted visits (round trip)
gone toone-way trip

In the video below I explain how to use been to and gone to correctly


Practice time

Now it’s your turn.

Complete the following sentences with been or gone:

  1. My mom has ________ to the supermarket. She’ll be back in an hour.
  2. I’ve ________ to that place before. I know how to get there.
  3. You’re late. Where have you ________?
  4. Where has the teacher _________? She was here 5 minutes ago.
  5. She’s ________ to New York for a job interview.
  6. Has he ________ home? The party hasn’t finished yet.
  7. Have you ever _______ to Australia?
  8. The children have ________ to school.
  9. The fridge is full of fresh food. I’ve _______ to the supermarket?
  10. My dad has ________ to the dentist.