Future (will/ be going to/ be + verb+ing)



In English, we use different grammar patterns to talk about the future depending on the situation.

It’s important to understand what the situation is, so you can choose the correct grammar pattern.


These are the most common situations to talk about the future. Click on the arrow > to learn more.

Grammar Patterns

These are the different grammar patterns that you can use to talk about the future:

will + base form

be going to + base form

be + verb + ing

Click on the arrow > to learn more about future grammar patterns.

 Grammar Practice

Level of difficulty: ⭐

Complete the sentences with the correct future form.

Drag and drop the correct word using your mouse or your finger

 Speaking Practice

Level of difficulty: ⭐⭐

Discuss each prediction with your group.

Discuss each decision with your group.

✍️ Writing Practice

Choose 1 card. Write a comment (reply) below 👇 with your answer. Give as many details as possible. Make sure you use the correct future form.


Future Continuous and Future Perfect