How to Remember the English Vowels Easily


The names of the English vowels can be confusing for many learners. Even advanced learners often confuse the vowel names.

If you speak Spanish or Portuguese you know what I’m talking about.

That is because in your language there are some vowels with similar English sounds.

So when you see this: i

and you try to speak in English you say this: e

Let me tell you something. That’s normal. Your eyes, brain, and mouth are so used to see the letter and make a sound that is familiar to you.

Here I’m going to share with you a super tip that will help train your eyes, brain and mouth, so you will never confuse the vowel names anymore.

Click the arrows < > to see the slide show
Watch the following video to hear the sounds

Click the play button

You will see a vowel at the bottom of the screen.

Say the name and hit the cloud that has the correct English name

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