The ‘s contraction

Apostrophe + S

In English the apostrophe is used to make contractions. It is easy to use contractions when we are in the classroom studying grammar. The problem is when we come across with the same contractions while watching a movie or speaking with other people. In English there are different contractions and one of the most confusing one is the ‘s contraction.

The apostrophe + s or ‘s contraction can represent three of the following situations: is, has or possession.

Look at the following example:

My sister’s husband, who’s an English teacher in Vietnam, speaks three languages. He’s studied Vietnamese for five years and French for one year. Currently, He’s working in a high school in Hanoi.

Can you identify the full form of each of the contractions?  If you can, share your answer in the comments below.

If not, watch a mini lesson where I explain the different meanings of ‘s. After you watch it download a guide with more examples to practice on your own.

The ‘s contraction essential guide

Useful tips and examples to improve your grammar.