What can you expect in my classes?

  • Fun and engaging teaching style. I encourage my students to think critically and SPEAK UP with confidence and freedom
  • Class notes from each class
  • Personalized feedback and homework to practice after class
  • Remember that:

“Practice makes progress”

I’m here to help you but the speed of your progress will depend on your effort and dedication

What’s my teaching methodology?

I use the experiential-communicative approach in all my lessons. As a former researcher I am trained to promote critical thinking and discovery. As a certified ESL teacher I know how to deliver, adapt and tailor content according to the needs of my students.

Specialized English for Professionals

English for Academic Purposes

Julieta is a very good teacher who explains very clearly the information. She also speaks others languages. Don’t worry and panic you will progress, she is such an amazing teacher who is very good at explaining things.

Vincent, Agent d’accueil in France

Julieta is an excelent teacher. I met her in 2019, and since then she has been teaching me. Her greatest qualities are focus on the class and dynamism.

Jose, Gerente Comercial in Brazil

Julieta’s a great teacher, I loved it. She teaches very well, a lot of activities, organized and veryatient. Amazing this teacher!!

Flavia, Student from Brazil


1.How can I pay for my classes?

Paypal or Credit card.

2. How long are the private classes?

60 minutes.

3. What do you use for the class?


4. When can I book my classes?

You can book your classes anytime but your time slot will depend on my schedule availability. It’s better if you book one week before you are planning to start taking classes with me.

5. What happens if I can’t take the class on the scheduled date?

I have a cancellation policy. If you can’t attend a class just notify me 12 hours before your class and I will reschedule your class. If your class is part of a group course, special course, or challenge you will get the material covered during the session but your class won’t be rescheduled.

5. Do you offer discounts for your classes?

Yes, you will get a special discount when you purchase a monthly course.

6. What if I am not sure of my English level?

I offer students a 15 minute assessment for free. This is not a lesson. It is a session to meet each other, talk about your goals and I can assess your level.

This is so we can meet one another, chat about the classes. You will be able to see if my classes are what you need and I get a better idea about what to plan for your lessons.

7. Do you teach for free?

You can find plenty of useful resources on my social media and my website. You can also subscribe to my mailing list to get exclusive learning materials. I wish I could teach your for free but teaching is my job.

8. Do I need to buy a textbook for my classes?

No, I have my own materials and access to a digital library where you will be able to access to the class content and download PDF files.

9. Do you teach General English?

I teach specialized courses for professionals and people wanting to immigrate to Canada. This classes are 100% tailored to your needs.

10. Can I get a refund if I pay for a class/ course and I change my mind?

No, sorry. I don’t offer refunds.