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When insomnia doesn’t let you sleep on it…

We all know that having a good night’s sleep helps us stay healthy and alert. A good sleep is part of a productive lifestyle. That’s why it is vital to sleep well when we learn English. A lack of sleep can affect our communication and fluency negatively.

Best Gifts for English learners Under $30 Dollars

Here you have a list of great gifts that will make any English learner boost their English and feel super happy

Native vs. non-native teachers: Which ones can help you speak fluently?

Is it possible to learn how to speak a language fluently from non-native speakers?

Lo siento mi inglés no es muy chulo

¿Cuántas veces has tenido que disculparte públicamente por no hablar inglés como nativo? ¿Cuántas veces has sentido que no eres capaz de tener éxito porque no hablas un buen inglés o español?